Serene cities in Florida perfect for retirees

When you consider your retirement options and places to retire you should look no further than Florida. The place has already been profiled as a perfect location for retirement. It’s no wonder. The weather is excellent, the place is affordable and there is no tax on retirement income. The whole state offers excellent amenities for seniors. With plenty of senior communities and a lot to do as a retiree, this is a perfect choice. However, you should take a look at your options. There are plenty of serene cities in Florida perfect for retirees to choose from. Researching and getting to know them before you make a decision is a good idea.

Why Florida

There are plenty of reasons why people choose Florida. The number of seniors living here has dubbed the state perfect for retirement. here are a few reasons why. First of all home prices are less than the national average making the state affordable when it comes to real estate. The cost of assisted living is also well below the average. At the same time with such a demand from retirees, health and geriatric care is among the best in the US. If you then combine this with the weather, beaches, Beautifull nature, and some of the most serene cities in Florida perfect for retirees it is clear why people choose this state.

A forest and walkway
One of the attractive features is the nature and peace many cities in Florida perfect for retirees provide

The cities

So, as Florida is a haven for seniors it is hard to make a list of cities in Florida perfect for retirees. There are simply too many cities to choose from. However, if you are looking for peace and quiet for your retirement these would be the cities to choose from.

  • Fort Pierce
  • Cape Coral
  • Gainesville
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Lauderdale Lakes
  • Naples
  • Sarasota

Fort Pierce

One of the places that are gaining popularity with retirees in Fort Pierce, It is located on the east coast of Florida. The city is not flashy and offers a tight-knit and simple community to enjoy your retirement in. The downtown offers a lot of activities including great shopping and dining opportunities. This place is affordable and peaceful. It allows you to buy an affordable oceanfront property and simply enjoy the ocean and weather.

Cape Coral

Ranked as the 10th best city for retirees in Florida is Cape Coral. This is a peaceful city offering your the opportunity to spend your retirement on the water. It is easy to purchase a waterfront property and a boat to enjoy both the ocean and beach as well as some of the most beautiful sunsets. The city offers some great dining options and seafood as well as pristine nature and preserves to enjoy.

All of this amounts to this. Over 19% of retirees in the US live in Florida now. At least 12 of the best cities for retirees out of 25 are in Florida. So, local movers here including 24/7 Logistics Services are kept busy by the influx of seniors. They even specialize in offering senior moving services that suit the needs of the elderly.

House in Naples FL
One of the most popular cities is Naples


Although a college town Gainesville is also perfect for retirement. The town offers a mixed urban-suburban feel. It is quiet and the traffic is slow. This is much more affordable and provides a better quality of life than others. It is perfect to relax but also offers a lot to do for those that want to remain active. You can easily take on a college course at the University of Florida. You can also learn new skills in other ways or simply enjoy the great parks and nature in the area.

Deerfield Beach

Although Deerfield can get crowded during the season it still is among the best places to retire in Florida. This is one of the oldest retirement communities in Florida that offers an alternative to big cities and the rush and bustle of other places. This is the reason why many people decide to move here creating a very diverse community. The city has some of the best beaches and great weather both in winter and during the summer. Housing opportunities are great and there are many highrises you can choose to move into. Once you make your choice be sure that local pros can jump in to handle your move easily. Many of them provide a diverse set of services to help seniors move in and settle easily. Besides this, the city offers a lot to do including the option to make a short trip to some of the bigger cities when you desire to do so.

Lauderdale Lakes

If you are retiring on a budget and looking for a cheap place to settle down then Lauderdale Lakes is the place for you. With the cost of living below the average, it is great. The city is quaint and secluded from the rush and bustle of the big city. However, this quiet refuge is still in the vicinity of Miami and Fort Lauderdale allowing you to hop into some of the best entertainment and cultural opportunities these cities provide.


One of the places also ranks high in Naples. This city may be a bit pricier but is great for seniors. There are plenty of opportunities here to meet people and socialize. There are plenty of restaurants and cultural activities. With perfect beaches and golf courses, this is a place for those who enjoy the outdoors. The city is quiet, providing a great opportunity to relax and enjoy your retirement.

A view from a balkony
Florida offers enjoyment and great weather by the sea


Last but not least comes Sarasota. For two years it has been voted the best place to retire in the US. The cost of living the healthcare beaches and the level of happiness the city provides make it number one. This city offers great housing options that are affordable. It is the city for those seeking an active retirement and provides a lot of cultural events and activities.

To summarise

The number of retirees here supports only one fact. Florida is a fantastic place to retire. From the perfect weather to financial factors this state has it all. In addition, there are plenty of the most serene cities in Florida perfect for retirees. So, if you are planning to retire here start your search. Finding some of the best places to retire will be easy. Deciding on just one will be hard.

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