Cheaper alternatives to Tampa?

So, you have in mind leaving Tampa. You find it very expensive and want to move somewhere where living expenses are lower. But, there is one problem. You are not sure which places in Florida are cheaper, especially for people with children. There is no need to worry, we are here to help. In this text, you will find some cheaper alternatives to Tampa. In addition, you will find out something more about each of them. Therefore, you will see which of these wonderful places in Florida is the best for you and your loved ones.


This city in Florida has a humid subtropical climate. Moreover, life here is not so expensive as in Tampa. This place is very popular among people with children. It has many theme parks to offer. For example, Gatorland Orlando is perfect for people who love nature and wildlife. Many call it the Alligator Capital of the World. It has an observation tower, crocodile and alligator shows, alligator training sessions, and daily shows. Moreover, there is a Sea Life Orlando. This is a great place for education, for it has excellent education hosts who talk about the lives of coastal creatures. Here, guests can see sea horses, crabs, sea stars, giant Pacific octopus, blacktip reef sharks, and many other species of sea creatures. Perhaps the most famous attraction in Orlando is Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This place has six different ‘lands’. These are Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Main Street, and Liberty Square.

Walt Disney World in Orlando.
Orlando is more affordable than Tampa, and also has many theme parks to offer.

Palm Bay is one of the cheaper alternatives to Tampa

Palm Bay is an excellent place for home buyers. Housing prices there are not so expensive. People who love the sun and nature often choose to move here. Also, Palm Bay has many theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. Moreover, it has many options for outdoor activities to offer. Some of them are fishing and boating. In addition, Palm Bay has many beaches that are ideal for family fun and relaxing. Children love visiting the zoo at this place. There is also a space center, which attracts many people. Palm Bay has many theme parks, like Legoland and Universal Studios. Elderly people often move there for excellent healthcare and a pleasant climate. If you choose Palm Bay for your fresh start, contact They are reliable and experienced moving professionals who can make your entire relocation process much easier. 

A boat in the water in one of the cheaper alternatives to Tampa.
Palm Bay is a more affordable place in Florida which has to offer many outdoor activities, like boating.


The next Tampa alternative is Kissimmee. This place has many restaurants with excellent food. Some of them are not expensive at all. People can spend their free time there in so many ways. There a lot of theme parks and golf courses. Also, Kissimmee is well known for boating and fishing. If you choose to leave Tampa, make sure to find some help in order to move anywhere in the state. As you can see, Florida has so many more affordable alternatives to Tampa. Be smart and think practically. Kissimmee can easily be the perfect place for your new home. It can also offer many lakes that are perfect for family weekends. If you happen to be an art lover, you will definitely enjoy visiting local art galleries.

Palm Coast

Palm Coast in Florida can offer a more relaxed way of life with lower expenses. People with kids will be thrilled to learn that this place has many good schools. Also, the ones who decide to move there after retiring often choose Palm Coast because of its excellent healthcare and more affordable leaving costs than in Tampa. In addition, this city has great tennis centers. If you are a golf enthusiast, you will not be disappointed either. There are many golf courses in Palm Coast. Moreover, there are many wonderful beaches for the ones who love swimming and sunbathing. Furthermore, Palm Coast has many parks and green spaces.

The beach in one of the cheaper alternatives to Tampa in Florida.
Palm Coast is also cheaper than Tampa and it has a beautiful beach.

Gainesville is also one of the cheaper alternatives to Tampa

Gainesville is also one of the cities in Florida that is cheaper than Tampa. It has both public and private schools. Moreover, Gainesville has eighteen elementary schools, five middle schools, and five high schools. For all who want to study, this city has four colleges and universities. Some of them are Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. For the ones who love reading, this place has a couple of great city libraries. Interestingly, Gainesville has festivals that are organized every year. Some of them are The Spring Arts Festival and The Fest. The Spring Art Festival is usually organized at the beginning of April. It is well known for its unique works of art of high quality. Furthermore, The Fest lasts a couple of days and it is an underground music festival that many people love visiting. All of the festivals hosted in Gainsville have to offer a lot of fun to anyone who comes.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral in Florida is a beautiful city. This place is also called a Waterfront Wonderland. It has one beach that is ideal for relaxation. Moreover, Cape Coral has numerous parks for recreation and a couple of golf courses. When it comes to culture, this city has the Historical Museum, the Cape Coral Art League, the Cultural Park Theater, the Art Studio, and the Southwest Florida Military Museum. Just like all the other places in Florida on this list, Cape Coral is a much more affordable city for life than Tampa. That is why a great number of people choose this place to relocate there and start a new life.

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