Room-by-room unpacking guide

If you have experience with moving, you’ll know that packing and transporting belongings isn’t where the whole endeavor ends. You are yet to face another challenge, and that’s unpacking after moving. But, everything is easier with some help. So, here’s a room-by-room unpacking guide that will help you unpack like a pro.

Things to do before you start room-by-room unpacking

You are probably eager to start unpacking right away, but hold your horses for a while. You don’t want something to go wrong now that you finished the most difficult part of the relocation. Here’s what to do before unpacking the boxes:

  • Check the boxes. Use your inventory list or the one provided by your moving company. If you can’t find something, contact your mover to resolve the issue. Also, find out who is responsible if something gets damaged during a move in the case that happens.
  • Sort out the boxes and take them to their destination rooms.
  • Make sure to prioritize the unpacking task.
  • Have a floor plan. 
  • Create an unpacking plan and stick to it. Do it and the whole unpacking process will go smooth and without stress.
  • Unpack only what you need. The key to a stress-free unpacking experience is unpacking only what you need for the first couple of days after the relocation. You can unpack the rest of your belongings whenever you manage to find the time.
Notebook Pencil
Every successful room-by-room unpacking process starts with a good plan.

Which room to unpack first?

Well, there are different opinions about which room you should unpack first. Moving experts usually recommend starting with the kitchen. But, when determinating the starting room, consider the time of day you arrive at the new home. So, if you come at noon, unpack the essential kitchen items first. But, if you arrive in the late afternoon or evening, start with the bathroom and bedroom. Also, if you want to know how to unpack efficiently after moving, the very first thing to unpack is the essentials box. 

Unpacking bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen

There’s nothing better than taking a long shower after a hard moving day. So, treat yourself with such splendor. Besides basic hygiene products, unpack your bathrobe, slippers, and any other thing that makes your bathroom your own.

One of the key elements people need after the move is a place to sleep in. So, aim to unpack, assemble and make up your bed in your new home as soon as you can. Then, unpack clothing and arrange the cupboards. But, keep in mind that you don’t need to organize all the clothes at once. Begin with the ones which you’ll require for immediate. You can arrange the rest later.  

Because the kitchen is another room you’ll use daily, start unpacking it the moment you find the time. But, there’s no need to unpack kitchen appliances you can live withoutInstead, first, unpack basic kitchen tools. Like plates, knives, cutlery, pans, pots, mugs, and glasses. Leave other items for later.

Leave the living room for the end of your room-by-room unpacking schedule 

The living room is one of the last places to unpack and arrange in the new home. When unpacking this room, firstly, unpack, assemble, and organize your furniture items. While doing this, you should get an idea of what you want it to look like in advance. 

Moving Boxes - Room-by-room unpacking
The living room is the last room you should unpack.

In conclusion

When you’re room-by-room unpacking, make sure you don’t rush the process. Try to enjoy it and devote time and attention to it. But, do not stretch it out for too long, because it can lead to certain boxes never getting opened. 

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