Relocation or Expansion of School – Florida edition

When you are running a school you have a very huge responsibility. Schools are very important and everything has to be perfect for everyone to be happy who is a part of it. But what happens usually is that the school becomes too small for everyone. This is usually the case in Florida. Not enough room can be a big problem. So what do you do then? Do you relocate a school completely or do you just simply expand it? There are pros and cons to both situations and that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today. So, if you were thinking about relocation or expansion of school in Florida, stick around and see what we have to tell you about that.

Relocation of school

The first thing we’re going to discuss is the relocation of schools. This is a very tough process that has plenty of cons. The first con would be that it costs a lot of money. You are going to have to spare huge amounts of money in order to relocate a whole school successfully. This is also a process that lasts a long time. There are ways to speed up the moving process but even that won’t be enough. You firstly have to find a new space that is meant to be a school which is definitely not easy. You might find something that resembles a school but that means you’ll have plenty of remodeling to do which also costs plenty of money. Then the whole paperwork process is definitely going to take plenty of time.

Relocation can also be a bad idea for the students and teachers. Students are used to going to school where it is now and so are the teachers. This could mean losing a certain amount of students and teachers because they’re not satisfied with the new location of the school. Relocating a school is also very stressful as you never know what is going to happen. You are going to need your administrative supplies relocated to your new address and if something goes wrong while doing that, you are going to face plenty of issues.  This is definitely not a small move. This is why you have to carefully think through your decision.

Is relocating a school even a good idea?

When to relocate a school?

If you decide that relocation is the only solution for your school you must absolutely know when is the right time to conduct this move. Summertime is the best time to do it for plenty of reasons. The number one reason would be that you are going to have plenty of time to do it as everyone’s out of school. The second reason would be nice weather. Even though it’s always sunny and nice in Florida, summers are much more stable because there’s little to no threat of hurricanes and tornadoes which occur during winter in Florida. The only disadvantage would be the fact that summer is when the moving is at a peak so you might struggle to find a moving company. And as you will be moving classroom goods to another address, you are definitely going to need a moving company helping you. 

Why the expansion of school is a much better idea?

We think that the expansion of school is a much better solution for many reasons. For starters, you won’t have to go through the whole process of finding a new location and all the paperwork. Sure, expansion of school requires some paperwork but definitely not as much as the relocation of school. Expanding also lasts much shorter. No matter how big the work you’re going to be doing is, it won’t last as long as the whole relocation process.

Expanding lasts much shorter.

Expanding is also much cheaper to do. Relocating is definitely also going to require some remodeling and when you add it all together, you get a really large amount of money that is going to have to be spent. Even though expansion requires building material, workers, and engineers, it’s still a much better solution to the lack of space problem.

Another great thing about expansion is that it can be done for whatever you need it. If you need a bigger library, you can simply expand just the library. If you need more classrooms, just build more classrooms. You can do anything you want and it is going to bring improvements to your school. For all of these reasons we believe that the expansion of school is a much better idea.

When is relocation better than expansion?

Sometimes relocation is much better than expansion and it’s in one situation only. If the school you’re running is old and run down, relocation is a much better solution. It is going to be much easier to just pack up and do all the paperwork than to fix every imperfection. And the best part about it is that everyone is going to be happy that this decision is being made if the school is in very bad condition. If there was a natural disaster in your city and the school is damaged, relocating to a different place can also be a better solution than remodeling, expanding, etc. This is going to cost plenty of money too, but you can hire reliable movers and not think about it too much.

Two thumbs up.
Sometimes relocation is a better idea.


Before making a decision on whether to relocate or to expand, you have to take all things into consideration. Figure out what are the things that need to be changed, expanded and improved and then decide which of the two options is for you. If you have some small issues such as lack of space, expansion is a much better solution. But if your school is old and run down, relocating is necessary. If you decide to relocate, you should definitely know how to make a moving checklist as the move is very big and demanding.

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