Moving from Florida to Kentucky – where to look for affordable housing

According to the research, Kentucky residents are among the happiest in the country. They can also smile because individuals have some of the most affordable housing options. People, it’s just great economics. Good employment raises median salaries, allowing most people to reside in the most affordable Kentucky neighborhoods.  Moving from Florida to Kentucky will give you more affordable housing while your quality of life will stay great. Where to? Take a look.

Where to settle when moving from Florida to Kentucky?

Kentucky does have a lot to offer, so this is a good thing. Des Moines, for example, is a fashionable millennial city, and Lexington, Kentucky, is a groovy college town. So, be sure to know how to buy and sell a house at the same time. Because it will make the whole process easier for you and everyone involved.

So, when you are thinking about moving the first thing that your mind will go, is where is the best place for me to settle down? Luckily for you. There is a list we will give you. That will help you decide on where to settle down in Kentucky. The list will include:

  • Taylor Mill
  • Fort Thomas
  • Hebron
  • Wilmore
  • Fort Mitchell

After you see and decide on where you want to move and settle in you can visit professionals at Strong-Ass Movers because they will give you all the support you need while moving. They have many years of experience and will do all the heavy work for you. This will help you enjoy your new place in no time at all.

Person thinking about moving from Florida to Kentucky
Before you start packing your bags be sure to know where you want to go.

Wilmore is a safe place for you

If you’re seeking “more,” Wilmore, Kentucky, is the place to go, with a focus on security, academics, attractions, and transit times. Furthermore, Wilmore’s affordable price of living has made it among the state’s fastest-growing regions, and Kentucky’s youth are taking note. Wilmore has the most youthful residents. However, whenever it comes to crime, perhaps “less” is “more.”

And don’t worry, Wilmore is safe. We’re not suggesting you keep your front doors open, but if you decide to make this your lifelong home, understand that the town does have one of the lowest crime rates in the state. In reality, only 60 crimes have been committed in the last year, with the majority of them involving the property.

Forth Thomas is great for all ages

Fort Thomas is a fantastic choice. This is due to the influence of a group of dedicated Kentuckians. With a 3.7 percent rate of unemployment, it is the second-lowest in the state. Naturally, we just weren’t surprised to learn that this city is also one of the wealthiest in the area. Fort Thomas, set along the Ohio River just across the bridge from Cincinnati, is a historic community with opportunities for people of all ages.

Grandpa playing with his grandchild
Forth Thomas is wonderful for all ages. Therefore, you don’t need to think about that aspect when moving here.

Great schools and safe parks for children, and various wineries and pubs for adults after the kids have gone to bed. When you’re a young professional, Fort Thomas offers creative co-working places and vibrant nightlife, but if you’re ready for retirement, the cost of living here will give you a great deal for your budget. Know the best packing tips and tricks when preparing your kitchen belongings. So, you avoid any damage possible.

Hebron is perfect for a rural lifestyle

With just a population of 6,460, Hebron is a suburban area of Cincinnati. Hebron, in Boone District, is among Kentucky’s best places to live. Citizens of Hebron enjoy a rural style of living, and the majority of the citizens own personal homes. There are numerous parks in the area. Hebron is home to many families and young entrepreneurs, as well as conservative locals. Hebron’s school systems are all above average.

You can always turn to nearby pros for any help you may need while moving to this great area. They will know exactly what to do. Therefore, it will make your relocation less stressful in the end. And you will settle in your new home faster than you think with the help of these professionals. So, the whole moving from Florida to Kentucky will be a piece of cake.

Set down your roots at Taylor Mill

Taylor Mill is a Cincinnati suburb on the Ohio border in northern Kentucky. Taylor Mill is deserving of its ranking as Kentucky’s finest place to settle. It’s the type of spot where you’ll want to stay for a long time. In the Cincinnati neighborhood. You will get access to everything the city has to offer without needing to even be in the city.

Stay safe in Wilmore
Safety is a huge aspect to think about when moving. Luckily Wilmore is one of the safest places in the area.

There really is no traffic, and you can go to the Cincinnati Zoo & Nature Center or a Reds game in under half an hour. Mills Road Park and Pride Park are two excellent parks for children in town. While moving to this beautiful place you will need to know how to protect your items. So, they don’t get damaged in the process of moving. Knowing this information to be more than helpful to you.

Fort Mitchell is great when moving from FL to KY

Fort Mitchell, the second “Fort” on the list, should be renamed Fort Knox 2.0 because it is extremely safe. One of the safest areas in the state. To put this into perspective, the rate of crime in this town is over 70% lower than the national average. However, if you understand anything about this Northern Kentucky Goldenrod, you’ll know that it’s the 8,278 residents’ good ‘old southern kindness that attracts visitors, and it’s the town’s general cost of living that keeps them there.

While it is slightly more than the national and state average, the overflow has helped to fund excellent schools and colleges. So, while you may have to pay the second-highest median property price in the country. You will at least know that after moving from Florida to Kentucky you are investing in your city’s future. Therefore, your kids’ and grandkids’ future in the long run.

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