Moving from New Tampa to NYC – what’s to know?

Are you moving from New Tampa to NYC soon and you want to be fully prepared so nothing can surprise you? What is important to know about this long-distance relocation? Changing the state is not easy, especially because New York and Florida are very different places to live in.

Everything you need to know about moving from New Tampa to NYC

Choosing between New York and Florida is not an easy decision to make. People are moving for different reasons. Job opportunities, education, getting new experiences, being closer to family, etc. To prepare for relocation and to be organized, you should research first. The major differences you will experience after moving are listed below.

Girl laying on the beach.
Moving from New Tampa to NYC  is a good thing –  if you love colder weather

The weather

Say goodbye to lots of sunny and warm days. In NYC, you will experience all 4 seasons in the year. Weather in NY and Florida is very different. If you don’t own winter clothing, you will need to buy it after moving.

Costs of living

One of the major differences and concerns when moving from Tampa to NYC is the cost of living. Apartments are small and expensive, so you will probably have a problem to put all your items there. Finding the right sized storage unit is one of the solutions many New Yorkers choose. Utilities, food, transportation, taxes are also a big cost. So, you should save money when moving. 

Transportation in NYC

If you love to drive, you probably won’t in New York City. There is a problem with parking and it is a very crowded city. But, one of the good things is that public transportation can take you anywhere. NYC subway is excellent and more affordable than using a taxi.

Prepare for moving from FL to NY

What steps to take before long-distance relocation?

  • Distance between New Tampa and NYC is 1,120 miles (about 2 days driving, or more with longer pauses). When leaving Florida and moving to another state hiring a moving company for moving from New Tampa to NYC is a key.
  • Declutter before packing, because you won’t need all your furniture and items. The weather is different and your NYC will be probably smaller than the previous one in New Tampa.
  • Make a moving checklist because with all the stress you will forget something. Also, it will help you save money and time.
  • Get a couple of in-home moving estimates to calculate moving costs in advance. You will need to save money because life in NYC is not cheap and it is one of the biggest struggles Floridians experience after moving out of the state.
Taxi in NYC.
Traffic jam is crazy in NYC and if moving without a moving company you may have difficulties

Long-distance relocations are not a perfect time to test your DIY skills with transporting. It may be very dangerous. Moving from New Tampa to NYC requires help and plan every step in advance.

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