How to organize a move in Florida in less than 15 days

Moving to Florida sounds like a “dream come true” for many people who enjoy hot weather and long pristine beaches. As a matter of fact, almost everyone is dreaming to live there at one point in their life. The only downside is that the entire moving procedure takes a lot of time to plan and complete. But, what if you are in positions where you need to organize a move in Florida in less than 15 days? Have no worry, with good planning it’s quite doable. People are moving in only a few days if they must, so 15 days is more than enough. At least it should be.

Successfully organize a move in Florida in less than 15 days

First thing first, nothing should discourage you from moving to the Sunshine State. Of course, moving to your brand new home can be overwhelming at moments. But, if you manage to keep your calmness, you have more chance to accomplish it. Just don’t let it confuse you. Take a deep breath and start planning it inside out as soon as possible. It’s the key to a successful relocation without stress. You have plenty of work in front of you, so let’s start warming up.

To have a good start, begin with the next couple of things

Make lists which will help you keep everything in order

Get a book, a binder, a scheduler, whatever you are familiar with, and dedicate it to your upcoming task. Use it to write down all things in relation to moving, and don’t underestimate the power of lists. This will be the central point of all kinds of notes you couldn’t possibly remember otherwise:

  • Contacts – to quickly access any important person or company
  • Dates – everything regarding scheduling can go in the calendar.
  • Tasks – popular “To-do” lists of all the necessary tasks.
  • Finance – for your budget and costs calculations
  • Checklist – pretty much self-explanatory

Additionally, you should have a folder to keep all the important documents, paperwork, and receipts from losing.

Phones, pencils, “to-do” list, and a calendar on the table.
A good plan is key to success.

Research and compare

Do thorough internet research. You can find everything from moving quotes to customer’s reviews online. Ask a couple of friends, family members, or other acquaintances to recommend you some company. Pay special attention to local companies since they are probably the best familiar with Florida regions. Select a few companies of choice and compare them.

Contact the movers and schedule

Get in touch with customer service and don’t hesitate to ask everything you find important. This is a good way to check how the company is treating its customers. Ask them for special recommendations and advice regarding packing and other preparations in general. Check for additional options and special services they provide. If everything is fine, schedule a moving day that fits your needs. Don’t forget to check about the insurance in case of any problems when transporting your items to Florida.

Deal with utilities and other monthly subscriptions

Contact gas, phone, internet, and other companies to arrange service canceling. The same goes for various monthly subscriptions where your address change is relevant. If you have kids, you will need copies of school and medical records. Also, arrange childcare and pet care to make sure someone is watching them on a moving day.

Arrange help

Now is the right time to call favors. Your friends and family members are much-needed help when you need to move to Florida in less than 15 days. For a small home, you could probably do well without professionals, but if you are moving a large household, seriously consider moving company and any additional service they provide. For example, packers can speed up the process which will otherwise take forever to complete. Not to mention that the safety of your items depends on how well they are packed.

Prepare your transport

As for the travel arrangement, make sure your car is in a good technical condition if you plan to drive. If not, make other arrangements including overnight stay if you need it. Also, ask your mechanic about fuel draining and other protection measures if your car is going to be transported.

Make some preparations before packing

Get some equipment ready

Depending on the type of work on your side, you might need the appropriate equipment.

  • For packing, there are containers and packing materials you will need. Everything from duct tape to sturdy crates for fragile items.
  • For disassembling furniture – a plethora of tools.
  • Loading – here you need advanced equipment like protective gear, lifting gadgets (gliders, dollies, etc.), and blankets.
Various handy tools on the table.
You will need some skills and tools to disassemble your furniture.

Get enough boxes

With 15 days only, you don’t have much time to hunt for free supplies. Local stores and wholesales can be a good place to try if you can squeeze some additional time. If not, either hire packers, or purchase boxes from your moving company. Generally, you will need boxes of all sizes and for different purposes. Your precious artwork is not exactly something you will place in a card box.

Dispose of hazards and perishable food

You should dispose of any potentially dangerous cargo like:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Flammable substances
  • Acids and poisons
  • Fireworks, matches, and similar items
  • Aerosol and paint cans
  • Ammunition (this is debatable, it will depend on regulations and laws about firearms transportation so you should check it first)

Also, stop buying food 7 days before moving day. Any perishable food and leftovers are not convenient for moving. And you will need to prepare your refrigerator and freezer for the move.

Different vegetables on a small pile.
You should spend your vegetables before moving.

Finally, pack everything when you organize a move in Florida

Decide and sort out

A hard choice but you needs to get rid of as much as you can. Measure your furniture to be sure it will fit, and purge every room.

Should you organize a garage sale?

When you need to organize a move in Florida in less than 15 days, you don’t have enough time to waste. At least, not enough time to make it worth the effort. A quality garage sale can steal you a few days, so… a big “NO”. Giveaway, donate or sell online if people are willing to pick it up. As an option, consider renting a storage space.

Your box of essentials

Prepare essential things you will use, for a first day or two, at your new Florida home. Everything else you might need (like toiletries) keep it in a nonsealed box. These are the last things you will seal and load, and first to unload.

Pack everything

Be smart about your packing. Carefully protect and pack all your items. As always, you can use many items you already have in your home. Clothes, towels, sheets, and other softer materials are good for filling space between items in the boxes. More often than not, take pictures of cables, slots, and other details when dealing with your IT equipment, for example. For delicate items, you should consider special services your movers provide. Handling a large piano is no joke. Clearly label everything to avoid confusion and to keep an inventory of your belongings.

Finally, call your movers to confirm everything and keep your valuable items like jewelry and documents near you. With these steps, you can successfully organize a move in Florida in less than 15 days. So, don’t forget to have a good night of sleep.

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