Helping pets adjust to a new home 101

Moving to a new home brings a specific set of difficulties for every person involved. And, the same rule applies to your little friends. When it comes to pets, they are having a hard time too. Especially, in the period after moving. The same as human beings, they can feel stress and anxiety while adjusting to a new environment. They have little to no understanding about what’s going on, so helping pets adjust to a new home is one of the major concerns for pet owners.

Why sticking to your old routine is important when helping pets adjust to a new home?

While we can minimize the amount of stress and difficulties of moving for us, it’s not so easy for pets. All we have to do is to hire a professional company like Humboldt Moving & Storage Co. to do the job for us. But, our animal friends are a completely different story. That is why it’s important to spend additional time with them and stick to the old routines. You have to make them comfortable and try not to shock them with “the new”. Keep the same rituals for walking, playtime, even the same food.

Use their sense of smell

Some pets, like cats and dogs, rely on their sense of smell. You should use that as the advantage to make the new place feel more familiar for them. Place some of your clothes at the new place a couple of days before the arrival. Even better, use your perfume to spread the familiar scent. Even the smell of a cooking meal from the kitchen can help them feel comfortable.

Give your pet “peace and quiet” corner

Even before the moving, all that noise and rumble about packing and moving furniture can upset your pet. Think about that upfront and make a calm and isolated corner just for them. Also, do the same thing in your new home. Usually, it’s best to choose the spot which will be their comfort zone in the future. They don’t need additional moving around on the top of everything.

An orange cat in the bed-box.
They require some privacy as well.


Explore the new territory together

Take your pet for a leash walk and explore every room and every corner of the property together. Furthermore, show them additional attention so they feel more relaxed and avoid to upset them. Also, after the initial exploration is over, start spreading the circle. Go out and explore the surroundings and the entire neighborhood. In fact, this is particularly important after long-distance moving. If possible, ask around if there is a specific park or the area where your pet can meet other pets.

A man with his dog on a lake because exploring the environment is very important when helping pets adjust to a new home.
Exploring the new environment together.


Don’t change too much right away

Try to delay replacing your entire furniture after moving. In fact, you should make a place similar to the previous, at least for a while. Just then, gradually start replacing things one by one. Give them enough time to settle down and absorb the new environment. Particularly important, don’t change their stuff. Keep the old sleeping bed, keep their old toys, even leash is an important thing.

Try to stay home more, at least for a while

Just like when moving with small kids, moving with your pets will make them sensitive to loneliness. You have to pay more attention to your pets after moving. In order to avoid them being anxious and afraid, take a couple of days off. Use that time to strengthen the bond between you, and show them they are safe. Moreover, even if you have to leave, take small leaves at first. Let them get used to it gradually.

Exercise is an important part when helping pets adjust to a new home

Extended exercise is a very efficient way of helping pets adjust. Especially since it helps them relieve negative emotions. Take them for long walks and try to have more patience in playing. Also, show more patience if the adjustment period is a bit longer because, just like humans, no pet is the same.

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