From New Jersey to Florida: tips for a family move

If you are planning a relocation from New Jersey to Florida with your family, surely you have a lot on your mind. That’s why we are here – to help and share some useful tips that will make your upcoming move a bit easier. Before we start we must congratulate you since you are moving to one of the most beautiful states and the best thing for kids – you will be near Disney World.

Things you need to do before packing for a move from New Jersey to Florida

Before you do anything else, you need to find a good guide to moving. Packing is not the first thing. You need to prepare. Especially if you have kids. There is a lot of planning involved as you can imagine. But if you download some of the available moving apps, that can help you with your planning and organization. Those apps can be very useful and the best of all – they are free to use. The thing that will help you a lot with packing and speed it up is decluttering your soon-to-be old place in New Jersey. That way you won’t have all those items you no longer need or use. Those two tips we have just shared will help a lot with your prep game so start preparing today!

Moving with kids

Moving with kids can be challenging even if you are moving just down the street, let alone when you are moving from New Jersey to Florida. Luckily Florida is such an amazing place. Chances are your kids are going to love it there. But make sure to talk to them, explain to them the reason for relocation and show them all the good sides of moving to Florida. That can help. Don’t forget to include them when the time comes for you guys to pack. That can make them feel more adult and responsible and some kids like to be included. If the packing becomes too difficult you can always call All Season Movers to help you out.

A mother packing with her daughter for relocation from New Jersey to Florida
They can fold clothes or sort their toys.

Some additional tips for family relocation

We already mentioned hiring professional movers. Experts are the best allies when it comes to family relocations and that is the best tip we have for you but here are some others that can be very useful :

  • pack one bag that will contain only items that you will be needing on the road
  • try to sort all your items and pack similar stuff together
  • find a labeling system that works best for you and label all your boxes
  • use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items
  • call movers as soon as you know the date for your relocation so you can set the date
Beach in Florida
Not even pictures can describe how pretty Florida can be.

Moving day

This can be the most hectic day and some items like keys, documents and medications can be forgotten in the whole mess. That’s why we are here to remind you. But you also have those great moving apps with reminders. They can also remind you. Good luck and try to sleep well the night before.

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