Challenges of moving from Florida to Washington state in spring

Spring. By far the most awaited season by many. And it’s logical. The whole nature is awakening and changing. For the best of course. So why wouldn’t you too? Start fresh and let your roots someplace new. Fully embrace spring and go green. Evergreen State to be precise. Yeah, you heard it. Why not move to Washington? Sure, moving long-distance can be simplified although it’s exhausting and nerve-breaking, so at least you’ve got weather on your side. Now let’s see if there are some other challenges of moving from Florida to Washington state in spring.

Find the right movers

Spring can be a busy time for movers. Make sure you find a company that can accommodate your schedule. According to experts from, you should do some background checks. Can they provide references? Make sure their services are worth the money you’ll be paying for them.

Woman sitting in front of her lap top and thinking about moving from Florida to Washington
Don’t overthink!

What to expect when moving from Florida to Washington state in spring?

Spring’s arrival signals the start of a new season. This is also a great time to move because you can take advantage of lower moving costs. Just keep in mind that moving is a process that takes a lot of time and energy, so be prepared for all the challenges that may come your way.

1. What mean of transport are you gonna use?

The best way to move to Washington state in spring will be by plane. This will be the most convenient and fastest way to get to your new place. However, if you’re not fond of flying, other modes of transport may work just as well. You can also move by train, car or bus. It will depend greatly on the size and weight of the objects you’re moving. Choose the safest and most comfortable moving method for your situation. Check with the company and your local transport authorities for any special regulations.

2. Your utilities – have them running before you come to your new place

Make sure you have everything like water and electricity and gas running before you relocate to Washington state, and for at least a few days after you arrive. This will prevent you from being stuck in a new house after moving from Florida to Washington with no power or running water when the power and water utilities go off and you can’t afford to pay the bill. You can also save a few dollars by skipping utilities for the first few months you’re in your new home.

3. Find storage

Packing is the hardest part of every move. It’s hard to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. But don’t you worry! Even if you bring one too many things, with the help of storage, you can always put excess items in a unit for as long as you need them. It’s a simple, cheap, yet effective solution. Just make sure to pack your things properly!

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Think about how you’ll get to Washington

Overcome your obstacles!

Relocating is filled with challenges, big or small. But you don’t have to go through them alone. After you find the right movers to help you and after you read this article about the challenges of moving from Florida to Washington state, you’ll be more than ready to make it happen. Don’t let your fears overcome you!

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