Florida family’s guide to the nicest places in Mississippi

Moving from Florida to Mississippi can be a great change in anyone’s life indeed. Especially if a family is in question, each member will have his or her own experience. Therefore, when relocating from Florida to Mississippi with your loved ones you need to choose the right place for your fresh start. This Florida family’s guide to the nicest places in Mississippi can help you find out more about some locations.


Firstly, there is Clinton, a city that many families love. It has great schools which makes it perfect for all who want their kids to have the educational opportunities that they need. Moreover, when it comes to entertainment, you will not be bored if you move to Clinton. Also, business people find it very good which is always very important. Especially for the does who have children and want a successful career. If you choose to relocate here, you should start thinking about hiring a moving truck on time.

A blackboard.
Clinton has excellent schools which makes it an ideal place for families.

Oxford is one of the nicest places in Mississippi

Secondly, we have Oxford on our list. It is a very safe suburb in Mississippi ideal for people with kids, elderly couples, and all who prefer peaceful life. Renting real estate in Oxford is pretty affordable, which is also a plus. When moving to this place, rely on experienced people. Luckily, you can find Oxford local movers who can help you out with residential local moving, student local moving, and commercial local moving. 


Thirdly, Madison can be an excellent choice for families who are coming from Florida. Its home prices are pretty affordable which is an excellent thing for people who prefer living in their own house. Many elderly couples are buying homes in Madison because they find it peaceful.

Holly Springs

Moreover, Holly Springs is a city in this state that is very popular among families. It has good schools, winters are usually mild and people who live here are pretty satisfied. In case you choose Holy Springs to be your new home, you can look for assistance in the area. Their local moving teams can help you not only relocate, but also pack and unpack your items. If you want to move your business, they can be there for your commercial relocation. Also, they have to offer student and residential moving services as well.

Ridgeland is one of the best places in Mississippi

One pretty affordable city in Mississippi is Ridgeland. It is not far from Madison, and house prices are lower. Importantly, Ridgeland has excellent schools, some of which are among the best in the state. If your family members prefer a place with a small city vibe but also a location that is not too boring, Ridgeland can be perfect for you. Definitely, you will have where to go out and what to see if you relocate here. Also, during your relocation to Ridgeland, make sure to protect your furniture items in the best way.

A house.
Ridgeland has beautiful houses that are not expensive.

Ocean Springs

A small town in Mississippi that is great for families is Ocean Springs. This nice place has a beach and housing prices are not so high. Not many people live in this suburb, which means that it is almost never overcrowded. If you decide to relocate here from Florida with your whole family, you will not regret your decision. The majority of people in Ocean Springs are very friendly, open, and accepting.

Hire moving services for your relocation to Mississippi

When moving to Mississippi from Florida, there is no way that you can do everything completely on your own without any problems at all. This is why you should consider hiring moving services and make the whole process much more simple for your whole family. Today, many excellent companies are there who have to offer different services and experienced teams. All you need to do is search the internet and check what each company has to offer, for what price, and contact their representatives for more details. For example, you can check out spydermoving.com and see if they are the best choice for your relocation. 


The next place on our list is Brandon. This Mississippi suburb has to offer safety above everything else. Moreover, Brandon has excellent schools, parks, cinemas, and health services among other things. All of this makes this place ideal for family life. Also, Brandon is a pretty peaceful suburb with affordable costs of living. The prices in its grocery stores are reasonable, the same goes for housing. If you choose Brandon for your new home, once you relocate here from Florida your life can be perfect.

Brandon is one of the nicest places in Mississippi because it is affordable.
Brandon is an affordable place where you can move from Florida with your loved ones.

Tupelo is among the nicest places in Mississippi

One of the good places for people with children in Mississippi is Tupelo. It has to offer numerous job opportunities to all persons, no matter how educated they are. Moreover, living costs in Tupelo are not high and the majority of people can live decently. Housing prices are very affordable which is the reason why many people are moving here with their loved ones. Unemployment is pretty law in this place and people are friendly and open.


To sum up, some of the nicest places in Mississippi are Clinton, Oxford, Madison, Holly Springs, Ridgeland, Ocean Springs, Brandon, and Tupelo. When you are moving with your whole family from Florida to this state, you will not make a mistake no matter which places from this list you finally choose. All of them have to offer good schools, locations for going out and enjoying family fun, safety, and nice houses that are affordable. When it comes to job opportunities, each place has something to offer to people who are willing to work hard and provide for their loved ones no matter how educated they are.

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