6 places to consider when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise 

Most people like to live in cities and be close to the center of activities. But while the large cities have many chances, there are too noisy. All the noise can get to your nerves and lower your quality of life. To escape the racket, you should live somewhere away from the commotion. New Tampa Movers will tell you about the 6 places to consider when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise.

Consider Sunny Isles Beach when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise 

The first city on our list is Sunny Isles Beach in Miami-Dade county, with a 22,000 population. 

What makes Sunny Isles Beach great to buy a place to escape the racket is the low population. In such a small place, people are mindful of how much noise they make not to bother their neighbors. But the low population is not the only thing that makes Sunny Isles Beach a good place to buy a home. The city is family-friendly, there are around 40% of family households. And if you are planning to start a family, you do not need to worry because crime rates are below average. If you want to be part of a tranquil community, you should buy a home in Sunny Isles Beach. And when it is time for you to move in, let experts jump in to get you into your new place in Sunny Isles Beach. 

We almost forgot to tell you about the cost of homes in Sunny Isles Beach. The median home cost in Sunny Isles Beach is around 480,000 dollars. 

a family holding a baby, learn about buying a house if you need escape from the city noise
Sunny Isles Beach is a great place to start a family.

Consider Boca Raton

The second city to consider is Boca Raton in Palm Beach County. Boca Raton is bigger than Sunny Isles Beach, with 97,000 residents. 

Boca Raton has beautiful beaches, and one of the best beaches in the city is Boca Raton Beach. There you can go sunbathing, play beach sports and swim in the warm ocean. When you get tired of the beach, there is the Town Center with a luxury mall and restaurants with delicious food. If you ever want to visit a big city, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are under an hour away. 

a beach
Consider Boca when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise.

Buying a home in Boca Raton will cost you, on average, 420,000 dollars. When furnishing your home in Boca Raton, do not forget to protect your furniture

Coral Gables 

Coral Gables is the third place to consider when buying a house if you need to escape from the city noise. A mid-sized city in Miami county with 50,000 residents.

Coral Gables is a very peaceful city with not many options for nightlife. While there are plenty of bars, they have an early closing time. If you are looking for fun, go to the Miracle Mile, which is full of stores and diverse dining options. In addition to peace, Coral Gables is safe, one of the safest cities in the Miami area. 

people in the club
Coral Gables is perfect to get away from the noise because it does not have a nightclub scene

But with all Coral Gables has to offer, it comes to a cost. The cost of living is 70% higher than the state average. The median home cost is around 900,000 dollars. Since homes are so expensive, take your time and buy your dream home in Coral Gables. When you buy a home, you should rely on specialists to help you move to Coral Gables. 

Consider Lighthouse Point when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise 

Our fourth recommendation is Lighthouse Point. Lighthouse Point is a small suburb with only 10,000 residents in Fort Lauderdale. 

When it comes to fun in Lighthouse Point, there are many options, but two places stick out:

  • First, requires membership in the LHP Yacht Club. If you get in, you can swim in the private pool and play tennis;
  • The second option is available to everyone. Deerfield Beach is a favorite of the locals. There are restaurants and bars near the beach and even a nice walking area. 

An average home costs around 570,000 dollars, but you can find a home for less money. Try and avoid common relocation mistakes when moving into your home in Lighthouse Park, like waiting for the last minute to move. 

Consider Delray Beach when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise 

Around 70,000 people live in Delray Beach in Palm Beach County. A benefit of living in Delray Beach is the location. You are right on the beach, and if you want a night out, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are close. 

But you do not need to get out of Delray Beach to have fun. Go to Atlantic Avenue in Downtown of the city. Most of their restaurants and bars are there. The most fascinating place in Delray is the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. You have to go there and see the unique mixture of Florida and Japanese culture. 

You can buy a home in Delray Beach for 274,900 dollars, one of the more affordable options in the article. If you decide to buy a home in Delray Beach, you will need someone to experience to help with your relocation. For moves in Florida, promoversmiami.com, for instance, are quite a reliable choice.

Pelican Bay

Our final recommendation is Pelican Bay in Collier County. Pelican Bay is probably the most peaceful city on the list – there are only 6,300 residents in the town. In addition, to the quiet, it is also very safe. You can buy a home in Pelican Bay for 780,000 dollars. 

Chose your peaceful place

These are the 6 places to consider when buying a house if you need escape from the city noise. All of the places are smaller cities with quiet and safe communities with many activities. Whatever places you choose to live, you will experience problems during your move, ask us for help.

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