Why you should use plastic bins instead of cardboxes when moving houses

Even though most people tend to use card boxes, you should also consider plastic bins. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic bins are water-proof and durable. The best thing about these bins is that you can use them for storage after the move. Here are some of the reasons why you should use plastic bins instead of card boxes when relocating.

Why plastic bins?

As we’ve already discussed, plastic bins offer a lot of benefits. Besides being secure and waterproof, they are great for home storage. Anything you put in it will be safe and sound. A lot of them have handles, which makes them easier to move, and you can also stack them easily.

family packing
You can use these bins for storage after the move!

Plastic bins are strong and secure

They are doing an amazing job of protecting your items while they’re being moved. However, if you’re moving fragile or breakable items, we still recommend adding an extra layer of protection. You can do that by using some of the packing paper or bubble wrap to fill in space or gaps between items. However, your items are less prone to being damaged when carried in these bins.

They are waterproof

Imagine the horror if your boxes somehow get wet during your relocation. Besides risking damaging and potentially losing your items, you will feel so frustrated and lost. This is one of the reasons why plastic bin is more reliable. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if something gets spilled over it. The bins are waterproof and your items will remain intact.

A man sitting beside plastic bins
You can relax during transportation because your items will be secure in bins!

You can use them as a storage after the move

This is another great benefit of the plastic bin. Even after the move, you can use them to store some of your things. Doesn’t matter if you use these items on daily basis or not. Items will be safe from breaking or any type of damage. Also, if you’re going to put them somewhere so guests can see them (in a bedroom or other rooms in the house) plastic bins are much more pleasing to the eye than boxes. The fun part is that you can even play around and decorate the bins. This way you can label them and make them more personalized and to your own liking.

Don’t forget about labeling

Whether you chose card boxes or plastic bins, one thing is a must for both when moving. You have to label them! This will make packing and unpacking so much easier, and everything will be more organized.

You can’t go wrong with choosing plastic bins

Like we’ve already mentioned, bins are best for storage and relocation situations that require maximum durability, strength, and resistance. In case you get in contact with water, plastic bins are the best choice there is. Most importantly, if you plan to use them for a long time, these bins are a great investment. The most important thing is that you just can’t go wrong with choosing plastic bins.

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