Why Floridians love Brownsville, TX

You have decided to relocate from Florida to Texas, and who can blame you. Texas is one of the wealthiest states in the country, with many desirable places to start a new life. But we think you should consider moving to Brownsville, TX. We at New Tampa Movers are here to help you make your decision more comfortable. With that said, let’s see why Floridians love Brownsville, TX! 

General facts about Brownsville

Brownsville is a county seat of Cameron County with a population of about 186,000 people, according to the 2020 US census. Charles Stillman founded the city in 1848 after opening a lucrative riverboat business near the town. Brownsville got its name from an American army officer Jacob Brown who fought in the Mexican-American War and died in 1846 after receiving a fatal wound. What is interesting about Brownsville is that the city is the southernmost place in Texas, and only a handful of towns in Florida are located more south. Now that you know more about Brownsville, you can learn how to simplify a residential move from Florida to Texas

Affordability is among the reasons why Floridians love Brownsville, TX

The number one reason why Floridians decide to relocate to Brownsville is the cost of living. Brownsville is one of the most affordable places in Texas, with the average price of living lower by 23% compared to Texas. In Brownsville, you will pay less for your daily expenses like groceries, transportation, and utilities. And if we compare the cost of living in Brownsville to that of Florida, Brownsville is 30% less expensive. 

person counting money
The reason why Floridians love Brownsville, TX lies in the city’s affordability.

In addition, the main reason why Brownsville is so affordable is the housing market. Moving from Florida, you will not struggle with renting or buying a home. The rent in the Sunshine State goes between 1000 and 2000-dollars depending on the size of the apartment. In Brownsville, rent is considerably lower, ranging from 500 to 1200-dollars. Buying a home in Brownsville will not be a problem since the median home cost is only 127,300-dollars. If you were to sell your place in Florida for the median home price of 295,000- dollars, you could buy two homes in Brownsville and still have money leftover.

So come to Brownsville if you want to lead a comfortable life and let experts from the area help you move into your new place. Brownsville movers can move you from anywhere in Florida and get you into your new home swiftly since they know the area well. 

Floridians love Brownsville because of the location 

Another reason why Floridians love Brownsville, TX is its location. Let’s talk about two benefits of Brownsville’s position.

  • The benefit of Brownsville’s location is the climate. The climate of Brownsville is similar to Florida, a humid subtropical climate. A humid subtropical climate means that residents get long, hot summers and mild winters. The most uncomfortable months are Jun, July, and August – when the temperature goes over 90 degrees. Winters are very comfortable in Brownsville, where the lowest temperature is around 50-degrees. The most comfortable months are between November and March. What gives Brownsville such a unique climate is the closeness to Chihuahua and Gulf Coastal Plains. 
  • The second benefit is that Brownsville is close to Mexico, which means you can comfortably go on an exotic vacation when you feel like it. 
two woman in bikini jumping
Since Brownsville has similar weather to Florida, it will not take you a lot to adjust.

So if you want to take advantage of the proximity to Mexico and the climate, let a long-standing moving company like Spyder Moving get you to Brownsville to Florida. They will guide you through this interstate relocation and answer any of your questions. 

The activities of Brownsville 

People of Florida move to Brownsville because the city has engaging art and culture. 

Floridians love Brownsville, TX because of Charro Days and Sombrero Festival 

Since Brownsville is close to Mexico, the city has a lot of Mexican influence, and the locals embrace it. Each year there is a festival that celebrates two nations – the Charro Days. During the Charro Days, the city of Brownsville and Matamoros come to celebrate the Mexican culture, and many actors and musicians of Mexican heritage join in. 

The continuation of the Charro Days is the Sombrero Festival. For the Sombrero Festival, locals gather in Washington Park and join in on the activities. Besides the Mexican artists performing traditional music, there are contests. If you can handle spicy food, you can join the jalapeño-eating match. And for those looking to challenge their body physically, you have a 1-mile or 5K run/walk. In addition, there are food stands with Mexican food and for those who would like to showcase their cooking, there are cooking contests. The Sombrero Fest is the entertainment that eveb ex-president Barack Obama visited. So get someone to handle your packing and come to Brownsville to take part in these events. 

Mexican food on blue plate
Eat delicious Mexican dishes at Sombrero Fest.

Everyday activities 

You do not need to wait for the Charro Days and the Sombrero Festival to have fun in Brownsville. Besides the festival, there is the Gladys Porter Zoo. You can take a stroll alone or with your friends and family and take in all the beautiful animals. And for your outdoor and beach needs, there is the Boca Chica State Park. Boca Chica State Park has everything, biking and hiking paths included. When it comes to spending time outside, you can camp or lay on the beach. There are two beaches – Del Mar and Boca Chica so make your choice. In addition, the Space X complex is nearby, and getting a look at it is an experience in itself. 


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Floridians love Brownsville, TX. We hope that some of them convince you to move to this beautiful town on the southernmost tip of Texas. Good luck with your relocation to Brownsville!

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