The best advice for families that are moving from the USA to the UK this year

If you are moving from the USA to the UK this year with your family – first of all, congratulations. This can be a great decision and UK is an amazing place. Now, with that being said you should know that you are moving to a different continent and to a completely different culture. Luckily you know the language. Here are a few things you should know before moving there.

Moving from the USA to the UK with your family – things you should know

  • you can expect all four seasons in one day, weather is different from what you are used to – this is an island
  • public healthcare is free (mostly)
  • big family houses are also pretty expansive here
  • they don’t appreciate joking around too much
  • public holidays will be different than the ones you are celebrating
  • they have a better work-life balance
  • not all of them speak like the Queen and while we are there, don’t joke about the Queen
  • even if you live there you still need to file US taxes
An official celebration in a street in the UK.
They celebrate different holidays.

The best advice we have for this kind of relocation

This is not just a regular relocation down the street or such. You are moving far away and the rules are different. If you are moving with kids, you will need help from professionals. Experts are the best assistance in this case so make sure to call professional movers.

A tired woman surrounded with moving boxes while preparing for moving from the USA to the UK
Movers will everything much easier.

What can they do?

They can deal with easy things like packing and such if you don’t have the time to do it. But good movers like can help you with logistics, planning, and customs as well. Of course, let’s not forget heavy lifting and such.

Preparing the kids for the UK

Moving from the USA to the UK with kids means that you have to prepare them as well. Make sure to research the United Kingdom as much as you can and focus on the city you will be living in. Then you can tell your kids all about it. Prepare them on time and show them all the fun things they will be exploring soon enough. Make them feel excited about your upcoming relocation.

Start preparing on time

Since this is not just an ordinary relocation you should start preparing as soon as possible. Start by downloading some of the available moving and packing apps. They can be pretty useful and most of them are free to use. You will find a lot us useful tips there too like how to pack fragile items. Find suitable movers you can trust all your household belongings and start preparing for this relocation.

Don’t worry

You are not the first nor the last that is moving from the USA to the UK. Movers will know what to do and you will easily find plenty of more useful tips online for this kind of relocation. Don’t worry, and good luck!

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