Reasons to settle down in Pinellas County 

Many people are thinking about moving to Florida, and you are also one of them. Who can blame you! The Sunshine State is one of the most comfortable places in America to settle down. But the question is – where in Florida should you relocate? New Tampa Movers think that Pinellas County would be an exceptional place for you to live. Let us tell you about the reasons to settle down in Pinellas County. 

General facts about Pinellas County 

Pinellas County is in the west center of Florida, and around 960,000 people live there, according to the 2020 US census. The population of Pinellas County is not very diverse. About 82% of the population is white, 10% are African American, and the rest are other minorities. Around 68% of people own their homes in Pinellas County, while others rent. Many people have higher education in Pinellas County – about 32% of people have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The three most populated cities in the county are St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Largo. So if you want to live in one of Pinellas County’s most populated cities, find an affordable place and come here. 

Settle down in Pinellas County because of the climate 

The first reason to come to Pinellas County is the warm climate. Pinellas County, like most of Florida, has a humid subtropical climate. Because of the humid subtropical climate, the summers are damp, with many thunderstorms, while the winters are short and dry. 

Pinellas County has around 244 sunny days per year and since it is right by the ocean, you can spend your days on the beach. But if you are a fan of winter, you will have to forget about it because there is not a single inch of snow in the country.

a coconut tree
Settle down in Pinellas County because of the warm and comfortable Florida weather.

The most uncomfortable months to live in Pinellas County are Jun, July, August, and September. But the other eight months are really comfortable with a high comfort index. The highest temperatures are in July, reaching 90 degrees, and the lowest is in January, around 50 degrees. So if you would like to spend your days in warm and comfortable weather, relocate there. To make moving in more manageable, settle in with expert help from Pinellas County movers. They know the whole Pinellas County area well and will make moving in a breeze. 

Settle down in Pinellas County because of the cost of living 

The second reason why you should live in Pinellas County is the affordability. Generally speaking, Florida is one of the most affordable states in the county. The cost of living is barely higher than the national average, and you get an exceptional climate. The only state with the weather as comfortable as Florida is California, and the cost of living in California is a lot higher.

In addition to the great weather in Pinellas, there is no state income tax in Florida. Because there is no state income tax, you will get to keep most of your salary. Having more money will allow you to have more money to spend on daily expenses and make your life more comfortable. And when you enter your retirement, you will keep most of your funds because Florida does not tax retirement income. Let’s see how much it costs to live in Pinellas County. 

person holding 100$ bills
Because there is no state income tax living in Pinellas County is comfortable.
  • Settle down in Pinellas County because daily expenses cost the same in Florida as in the rest of America, but you have more money to spend because there is no state income tax. 
  • The median home cost in Pinellas is a little higher than in the rest of Florida. In the country is around 304,00$ while in Florida is around 294,000$, so a 10,000$ difference. Homes are affordable, and there are many places to consider in Pinellas County as your home. 
  • Finally, on average, rent is around 100 and 150$ more expensive in Pinellas County. 

As you can see, Pinellas County is a little more expensive than the average of America, but you get more money to spend because there is no state income tax. 

Settle down in St. Petersburg

Choosing where to live in Pinellas County can be difficult because there are many excellent cities in the area. But do not worry, we will help tell you about the best one. 

St. Petersburg is the most populated city in Pinellas, about 258,000 people live there. It is a beach town located right near the sea, and it has a lot of beautiful beaches to spend your time. The most popular beaches in St. Petersburg are: 

  • Clearwater Beach is the most popular destination in St. Petersburg. There is a lot of open beach space where you can bask in the sun or play volleyball or water sports; 
  • Caladesi Island State Park is another excellent beach, but you can not just take your beach towel and go out. You will need to take a ferry or a boat to get to this quiet oasis. Besides the beaches, there are other attractions in St. Petersburg. 
a sandy beach near ocean
Pick your favorite beach in St. Petersburg and relax!

For lovers of art, there is The Dali Museum. It holds works from the great Spanish painter Salvador Dali. And if you are interested in exotic plants, you must visit the Sunken Gardens. Go into the botanical garden and follow the paths to discover over 50,000 tropical plants. And if the plants are not enough, the Sunken Gardens has a flock of flamingos. 

So if you want to experience St. Petersburg, move here, and to do that, you will need help from reliable movers. If you are moving to Pinellas County Big Man’s Moving Company would be an excellent choice since they know the area, but you can always explore other options.

You are ready to settle down

As you can see, there are many reasons to settle down in Pinellas County. And if you come and see it yourself, you will not be disappointed by Pinellas. We guarantee that!

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