Moving tips for single parents

People frequently complain about the difficulties of migrating. If you’re a single parent with multiple children then you will need all the help you can get. However, if you take your time and prepare in advance, you should be able to finish it without any trouble. We have focused completely on single parents this time.

Start preparing as soon as possible

When you’re single-handedly caring for your kids and running the household, it’s especially important to have a plan for when to begin packing and relocating. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re a single parent. It’s recommended that you give yourself at least two to three months to complete all of your moving-related tasks. Use a planner to map out your days and keep track of important dates, and carry it about with you. Make a list of everything you have to do before the move, and schedule it. Getting things done that might be more challenging while the little ones are home from school.

A woman making plans.
Planning is the key to a successful move.

Packing materials can come to you

It can be challenging for a single parent to make multiple trips to the shop to stock up on moving goods. To avoid waking the sleeping youngsters, it may be more convenient to conduct some shopping from the comfort of your bed. You can get all the moving goods you need from Amazon, so it’s a good idea to look up some helpful hints and a moving supplies checklist.

Make sure to include your kids

Unless you have very young children, it’s best to get the kids involved in the move. If done in a constructive manner, it can be beneficial for the kids and will relieve some of the stress on you as well. Involve children in the process of organizing, sorting, and cleaning up old possessions, and use the opportunity to talk to them about the value of charitable giving. Allow them to relax and enjoy themselves while you move them. You may try inspiring their imagination by suggesting they make plans for their new rooms or decorate moving crates.

Single parents and kid packing.
We advise all single parents to include their kids in packing and preparations.

Preparing the kids

Having a way to talk to one another is crucial. Talk things through before packing up and moving out of the house especially if you are doing it because of a breakup/divorce. Rather than assuming your kids know how you feel, ask them how they are doing. In this case, what will help is an open and honest conversation on both sides.

Older kids could have a worse time relocating, especially if they have to start at a new school. Younger children, who have less time to develop strong bonds, are likely to be more resilient than their older peers. Once again, the more upbeat the conversation, the better. Keep a positive outlook because resistance is to be expected.

As was previously noted, let kids have some fun when possible by encouraging children to express themselves in creative ways such as building forts out of moving boxes or holding a coloring contest to see who can come up with the most imaginative box design. These easy-to-implement games and activities can keep your kids entertained during the move, reducing stress on you.


Getting rid of unnecessary items is a great chance to talk to your kids about charity. Gather all the unwanted goods your children no longer need in the garage or other donation locations. Help your children realize that they are making a difference in the lives of other children by encouraging them to give up their unused toys. Here are some places that will take up your furniture donations for free, as well as charities that would really appreciate your generosity.

Call your friends to help you

Moving is a difficult process, especially for single parents. There is usually more going on behind the scenes during a relocation. Hiring a moving company to handle everything is not an option. It’s important to conduct a lot of planning and preparation in advance of the movers’ arrival. Involve your pals in helping you clean, clear, and organize a garage sale. You might want to think about hosting a few “help” parties with your pals and turning the experience into a nice time. Although no one enjoys helping friends move, the experience can be made more enjoyable by treating it as a social gathering.

You will need to find movers

Hiring the wrong moving company might have disastrous consequences. See to it that the moving business you select comes highly recommended across the board like Move for You and has solid experience under its belt. Think about asking around for referrals from people you know who have had positive experiences with movers.

Find a babysitter for moving day to help you

Think about getting a sitter for the kids on a moving day. On a moving day, it’s possible that your movers may require you, and if you’re always attending to your children, it’ll slow down the process and add stress. If you’re hiring a babysitter, it can be a good idea to get the kids out of the house and away from the removalists and your home by taking them to the movies or doing something else fun.

A woman reading a book to a child.
Your little one won’t even know that relocations are stressful. It can be just another fun day for them.


Don’t feel that you must unpack everything in a few days just because you have a lot on your plate between being both a parent and a new resident. Ideally, you should unpack gradually and not rush the process. In order to speed up the unpacking process, it is helpful to sort the boxes by room. Local movers can do that for you.

Do the heavy lifting of unpacking the kitchen, basement, and living areas while the kids are at school, or let movers do that and you can focus on other things you have to do now. Single parents have to use all the help they can get. Luckily you can use the advantage of so many great movers available nowadays.

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