Moving instruments across the state – preparation steps

When moving instruments across the state, you must be well prepared for the whole process. Therefore, this article can be very helpful because here you will find some useful tips on what you need to pay attention to while relocating your musical instruments to your new house.

Take apart the instruments if possible

If you have recently bought a new house and want to move there with your family as soon as possible and relocate your instruments, you must prepare them for transport. Make sure to take apart the instruments if possible. In this way, you can pack them more safely and transport them to your new place easily.

Move your piano with professional help

In case you have a piano and want to move it to your new home, it’s best to engage professionals. Nowadays, there are many excellent moving companies that are offering very good piano moving services. Surely, true experts can be much faster when relocating your piano than you can be when doing everything on your own. 

Hire professionals when moving instruments.
Search for moving professionals if you need to relocate your piano across the state.

Use a hard case for moving instruments

Importantly, no matter if you are moving across the country or state, you must make sure that your instruments are safe while in transport. For this reason, putting them in hard cases can be the best thing to do. If you do not have a hard case for your instrument, make sure to buy one as soon as possible.

A guitar.
Put your guitar in a hard case to prepare it for transport.

Find reliable people to help you with moving instruments

Moreover, you need to find reliable professionals to help you relocate your instruments across the state. This requires doing thorough research on the internet and reading all reviews and asking your friends for recommendations as well. One of the great companies that can be there for you when moving long-distance is Cross Country Moving Group. We strongly advise you to check out

When moving instruments protect them in the right way

The crucial thing to do is to protect your instruments in the right way. Therefore, waste no time and provide enough bubble wrap, towels, and blankets. Believe it on not, these things can make a huge difference and protect your precious objects. Preparing your instruments for transport is not more difficult than packing your kitchen appliances. Once you provide all that you need to protect them and prepare for relocation, you will see that packing them is not complicated at all.


To conclude, moving instruments across the state requires preparation. First of all, you should take them apart if possible. Second, you should consider hiring professionals to help you, especially if you have a piano. Third, you should use a hard case for your guitar and similar instruments. Fourth, hire only a company that is reliable to help you relocate across the state. And, make sure to protect all your instruments properly when you pack them for transport.


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