Charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples

Florida’s climate and beaches are addicting, but you have decided to relocate to a new state. You have considered many states for your new home but settled on Nevada. Nevada has many great places where you can live a fulfilled life, making choosing your new homes challenging. New Tampa Movers will tell you about the charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples. By the end, you and your partner will have plenty of choices where you can be happy as a couple. 

Things to know about Nevada 

Before we recommend charming places in Nevada, let’s learn something about the state. 

  • First, we should learn about the cost of living in Nevada. By leaving Florida for Nevada, your cost of living will increase. It is 10% more expensive to live in Nevada compared to the average cost of living in America. 
  • Second, the median home cost is around 358,400 dollars, and rent is between 800 and 2000 dollars. 
  • Third, Nevada is a tax-friendly state. By living in Nevada, you will not be paying income, so you will get to keep more of your salary. In addition, there is no tax on food, medicine, homes sale, and many other items. 
  • Fourth, a diverse job market in tech, restaurants, hospitals, construction, and many more. And if you move to Reno or Vegas, you will have many job opportunities. 
  • Fifth, Nevada has stunning nature. When people think about Nevada’s nature – the desert immediately comes to their mind – but the state can offer much more. There are majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, and rivers. When you move to Nevada, there are three locations you must check out – Lake Tahoe, the Grand Canyon, and the Sierra Nevada mountains. There are plenty of cities in Nevada for Floridian couples near these nature sights. 
part of the Great Canyon
Look for charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples near the Great Canyon.

The above facts will only make your decision to relocate to Nevada even stronger. To get there, you will need help from professionals. If you can not find a moving company, we recommend you let experienced and trustworthy movers, like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, help with your move. Local Nevada movers will get you to the Silver state problem free. 

Charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples – Las Vegas

Our first recommendations start with the most popular city in Nevada – Sin City. No list of best cities for couples in Nevada can go without Vegas. 

We can not talk about Vegas without mentioning the amazing entertainment options. The main way to have fun is gambling in the casinos. In addition, many comedians play rooms in Vegas constantly. If you want to go out, you can check out a nightclub, or bar or have a quiet dinner in many restaurants in Las Vegas. If you are looking to go out, there are many beautiful nature spots within driving range from Vegas – Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and many more. So host an estate sale in Florida fast and come to Vegas as soon as possible to try all these entertainment options. 

Las Vegas one of the charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples
Sin City is for Florida couples who still want to have fun.

Besides entertainment options, you will not struggle to find a job in Sin City. Because of the casinos, fine dining options, and Vegas shows that have been running for years – there are always job opportunities. There is also job in health care, IT, logistics, and manufacturing. As a couple, you should expect to earn between 50,000 and 60,000 dollars a year in Vegas.  

You will pay more for groceries, utilities, and transportation in Las Vegas compared to the national average. Health care is 7% less expensive than the national average. And if you are looking to buy a home, the median home cost is 334,000 dollars, while the state average is 358,400 dollars. And as a couple, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for only 900 dollars in Las Vegas.  

Charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples – Boulder City 

The second city a couple from Florida should consider is Boulder City. Boulder City is in Clark County and has around 15,000 residents. 

It is a small charming city with great people, and a couple can enjoy living there even though it is not as active as Vegas. What runners the town’s economy is the majestic Hoover Dam. The people are using the fame of the dam and name their hotels and film festivals inspired by the dam. 

The best way to have fun in Boulder City is the outdoor activities. You can go to Hemenway Park. But the real treat is Lake Mead, it offers hours of fun. You can hike or bike around Lake Mead. If you want something more exciting, you can hunt, fish, and camp in the park preserves. Or maybe you can explore the waters of Lake Mead while scuba diving. 

people near a lake
Hike around Lake Mead with other couples!

The cost of living in Boulder City is above the state and the national average. It is 4% more expensive than the state average and 14% about the national average. If you are looking to buy a house, it will cost you around 381,000 dollars. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Boulder City is 1200 dollars. And when you find that perfect place, look into professional assistance – local Boulder City movers to move you into your new home. With their knowledge of Nevada and Boulder, relocating you out of Florida will be nothing. And no matter where you decide to live in Boulder, you will be safe because the crime rates in the city are lower than the average in America. 


We hope you like our picks for the charming cities in Nevada for Floridian couples. You will be happy in any of the two cities we recommended. They are different from each other – the lively Las Vegas and the quiet Boulder City. If you want to save money on your relocation from Florida to Nevada – try renting out a moving truck.

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