4 things to do before moving from New Jersey to Florida with family

Moving from New Jersey to Florida with family will bring a significant change. Florida is a different place than Jersey. Your quality of life will improve because of Florida’s low cost of living, friendly tax system, and, of course, sunny weather. New Tampa Movers has 4 things to do before relocating to the Sunshine State. 

Set a budget before moving from New Jersey to Florida with family

The first thing to do complete in your relocation is the moving budget. Relocating from Jersey to the Sunshine State will not be cheap. It is an interstate move, so you need to know how much it will cost. Calculating the exact cost of relocation can be difficult because this will vary from company to company and the amount of stuff you have in your home. But will need to pay between 2000 and 10000 dollars

person calculating a budget for moving from New Jersey to Florida with family
Talk with a moving company to get a more accurate moving price for your Sunshine State move.

Finding movers to assist you with your move to the Sunshine State 

Now that you have an idea of what relocation costs to Florida will cost, you can start looking for movers. There are four steps you need to take to find the perfect movers: 

  • First, ask friends if they can recommend a company that can help you move;
  • Second, look at the local listing for moving companies;
  • Third, read reviews for moving companies online;
  • Finally, meet with them to discuss costs, special conditions, and particular moving services. 
person in front of a moving truck
Moving from New Jersey to Florida with family will be less challenging with professionals assisting you.

But even if you follow all the steps, you might find it hard to find the perfect movers. And movers are crucial with interstate moves. You need to get the right assistance on your side. They will handle your interstate relocation to Florida problem-free. 

Making an inventory of your Garden State home

Before moving to Florida, you must have an inventory of your items. Having a list of your things can help you not lose them, make the process less complicated and help you with your next trip. Creating a list is a straightforward task. You only need to write every item and group them by room. When you have everything on a piece of paper, you can move on to other relocation tasks like packing fragile items

Purge before moving from NJ to Florida

The final thing you should do before you relocate to Florida is to declutter your home. By looking at the list you already made, you can decide what items you want to bring to Florida. For example, since Florida is warmer than Jersey, you might not want to take as much winter clothing. By decluttering, you will be saving money. In addition, hiring professional movers in the likes of Ample Moving New Jersey to help you should, ultimately, lower your relocation expenses.


By doing these 4 things, moving from New Jersey to Florida with family will be less challenging. In a blink of an eye, you will be relaxing on one of many beautiful Florida beaches.

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